Student workshops

We curate creative programs and workshops for students from elementary schools to universities. Students will be exposed to hands-on elderly care knowledge, aging innovation and empathy training experiences, etc. 

Community engagement

We hope to raise public awareness on elders’ quality of life through community education. We share our experience and tips on caring for the elderly to foster an age friendly environment in Hong Kong.

Volunteer programs

Our volunteer team are made up of a group of dedicated and compassionate volunteers who  devote much of their time and energy to serve the community of underprivileged elders, the disabled and those in need of care.

School Workshops


The key to innovate is to see and feel the world with empathy. We foster a positive environment where students can learn about "aging" as a process through hands-on experience and interactive workshops. 

Most students develop a better understanding on "aging" and a more positive impression toward that eldercare industry. According to the survey results, more than 98% students agreed that they understood more about the elderly care industry. 97% students pointed that they had a deeper understanding on aging innovation, while 93% students expressed that their impression toward eldercare industry have been improved.


Community engagement

As mysterious as it may seem, there is much misconception about the eldercare industry. In fact, elder care services play an indispensable role in delivering welfare services for our elders and caregivers.

We are determined to share our knowledge and experience with the public through workshops, community projects and creative programs to transform the way eldercare is perceived.


Volunteer Programs


The Project Futurus is dedicated to building an age friendly community in Hong Kong. Our volunteer team (新耆使者) is passionate to serve the society.

Through home visits and gift giving, our volunteers strive to help alleviate loneliness and distress among seniors. With the help and generous donation of corporations and partners, our volunteer team has distributed daily necessities such as food, tissues, cooking oil and face masks to elders who live alone and do not have access to resources.


We will continue to contribute to the community and help people in need.

If you are interested in joining our programs or 
sponsoring community events