The vanishing crafts of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known not only for its food & scenic spots, but also for its traditional craftsmanship, such as hand-carved Mahjong, hand-written mini-van signs, lion heads, etc.


We partnered with Eldage to explore the future for Hong Kong's traditional craftsmen and what the future holds for them and their work. 



Minibus Signs

Minibus signs, with red and blue words handwritten in Chinese calligraphy, that inform passengers of the destination and fare, are something that are very familiar to Hong Kong people and part of Hong Kong’s culture.




Mahjong is a much beloved entertainment in Hong Kong. Mahjong tiles could only be hand-carved before machine-carved ones were introduced.


Flower Plaque and

Paper Crafting

Flower plaque is a kind of Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage. It is a traditional folk handicraft made of bamboo, bamboo strips, flowers, fabric, and plastics.


Crafting Lion’s head

"Lion Dance" is a kind of traditional performing arts in East Asian regions. It can be found in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. The lion heads in different places have different characteristics.

ABout Eldage

Eldage is a social enterprise, developed by Hong Kong’s digital marketing agency Fimmick in 2016, integrating traditional wisdom, modern knowledge and digital marketing strategy, through O2O (Online to Offline) business model to promote traditional culture by discovering people with craftsmanship, curating their stories of handicrafts, delivering workshops with craftsmen, selling handicraft products, and bringing innovative ideas into tradition.