About us

we are A social enterprise
that explores
the future of aging



Our vision

We believe that the key to social innovation is to see and feel the world with empathy.


We are committed to creating an age positive and supportive environment for the aged through product and service innovation.


We hope to reimagine the future of aging and drive change.

Our mission

We hope to engage and collaborate with stakeholders in the community to explore the many possibilities of aging through creative workshops and community engagement.


We hope to enhance intergenerational awareness and eliminate ageism through education, and develop a platform where we can synergize and collaborate across the industry to drive thought leadership

how do we work?


We think

We strive to reimagine the aged care sector with new perspectives and a touch of creativity. We identify opportunities to do things differently and challenge the status quo


We collaborate
and jam

We listen to our carers, community partners and customers because we know only by collaborating can we drive change.


handle with care

We treat each project and community engagement with full accountability and care. 


genuinely care

We care for our elders, our community and our generation. We are passionate about changing for good through product, service and social innovation  

Promotion of aging 

The studio features products from different brands including start-ups from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), social enterprises, and products from overseas.


Through education and community engagement, we will continue to explore the possibilities of the future of aging and foster an age-friendly environment in Hong Kong. 

Advocacy of A dignified elderly diet

Through our information platform and mascot Captain Softmeal, we are committed to promoting dignified elderly diet to enable elders and patients with dysphagia to enjoy food in a safe and dignified manner.


We hope to raise public awareness on elders’ quality of life and ease the burden of caregiving.

Advocacy of the eldercare industry

With first-hand elder care operation experience, we are eager to share our experience and global aged care practices with students, professionals and the community.


We are committed to transforming the public perception of the elder care industry. We hope to encourage more youth to service those in need and foster a positive and caring community.