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“Sensory Restaurant on Wheels™” is an award-winning program that aims to recreate a nostalgic and immersive Chinese dim sum experience for elders living with dementia to improve elders’ appetite, provide cognitive stimulation of the five senses and provide a joyful, interactive experience.

The Program aims to promote social inclusion and create shared values by bringing together corporate engagement and community service, and enable corporations to give back to society in a meaningful, creative, and impactful way!


DFA Design for Asia Awards 2023 – Bronze Award


Innovation of the Year - COMMUNITY SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT - Project Futurus.png

Social Impact

Give back to society and service elders living with dementia and individuals with disabilities in a meaningful, creative, and impactful way! 

Restore the joy and dignity of dining of elders and patients with swallowing difficulties through our immersive dim sum experience!

Understand the challenges elders faces and take part in enhancing their quality of life and alleviate the stress of caregivers!


流動五感大茶樓 ~ What a meaningful day!! 不一樣的義工服務 我的任務係做知客,帶埋一班老友記到「龍鳳大酒樓」飲茶,食軟餐點心,唱歌跳舞 🎤  好多謝各位老友記令我渡過左一個開心又充實的一天! 因為你快樂,所以我快樂 🥰🥰🥰 其中有一個婆婆更走過來向我道謝,她說平時都只是自己一個人及冇人探佢,佢今日好開心有甘多人探佢又同佢一起飲茶,佢之後緊緊捉住我雙手,唔捨得放手,這令我好感觸,好感動!  

義工 Carrie 

Supporting Organizations

Thank you to our past program sponsors

Corporate sponsors

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I want to support

You can help support the Program through corporate sponsorship and volunteering your time, while we will help to match an elderly home or care facility in need. If you would like to learn more, please contact us here: 


I want to apply

We offer "Sensory Restaurant on Wheels™" to Residential Care Homes, Community & Day Care Centers, and Rehabilitation Facilities for elders living with dementia. If you are interested in our program,  please complete the form below:

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