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流動五感大茶樓 2023 年度回顧

衷心感謝各位贊助機構、合作夥伴和義工朋友一直以來的熱心支持!我們至今已成功舉辦80場「流動五感大茶樓TM」點心體驗活動,服務超過1,700位患腦退化症長輩及殘疾人士,並累積超過300位義工和長達1,200小時的義工服務時數。全賴有您的支持, 我們才能完成使命,把飲茶的快樂帶到社區!

The Project Futurus 團隊希望藉此機會感謝各位的支持,我們期望能繼續連結社區,為我們的長輩及有需要人士帶來富有意義、趣味性和社會效益的社區服務!衷心感謝!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the support of our sponsors, corporate partners and volunteers for making 2023 so remarkable. We are proud to have completed 80 sessions of “Sensory Restaurant on Wheels” dim sum workshops and serviced over 1,700 elders living with dementia and individuals with disabilities, worked with over 300 volunteers and accumulated a total of 1,200 hours of volunteer service. Together, we achieved our mission to deliver the joy of dim sum dining to our community.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your continuous support. We will continue to work towards our mission of connecting our community to our elders through meaningful, creative, and impactful engagements! Thank you so much!


保泰人壽保險有限公司 Bowtie Life Insurance Company

Careyou Beauty

大昌行集團 Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited

匯業財經集團 Delta Asia Financial Group

藝康化工有限公司 Ecolab

牽手 HandsOn Hong Kong

恒隆地產 Hang Lung Properties

恒生銀行 Hang Seng Bank

香港交易所 Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)

香港上海滙豐銀行 HSBC

I Never Use Foundation (INUF)

香港半山獅子會 Lions Club Mid-Levels

新世界發展有限公司 New World Development Company Limited

華僑銀行 OCBC

道地 Telford International Co. Ltd. /Tao Ti

香港中華煤氣有限公司 The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas)

添寧 Vinda SEA / TENA

WSP in Asia

Zonta Club of Hong Kong East


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